I'm a  printmaker and painter living in northern Kentucky.  My inspiration comes from nature, people, words, stories, music, memories, poems, dreams -- in fact, whatever touches my life and leaves its impression upon me.

"Impression" is a word loaded with personal significance, because in recent years I've become increasingly engaged with printmaking.  When asked why I choose this labor-intensive way of working, my answer is that I love the nuances of pigment and paper coming together under the pressure of a press.  In a world where most of the images we see are electronically generated, the sensory and tactile qualities of a hand-pulled print have unique appeal.

Whether I'm making prints, working in watercolors, or just sketching with a pencil, I've always found it amazing that the marks made can transcend the surface on which they lie and activate the powers of imagination.  The primary goal of this activity is not just producing an object, but being immersed in a process.  From there, art carries both maker and viewer to places they have not been before. 




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